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Amina Hamide

Client Experience Coordinator
The Fun Stuff

Favorite sport: Amina Played all the sports in school when she was younger 

Favorite pastimes: Working on writing her novels, reading, painting and taking walks in nature

Fun animal: Cats

The Serious Stuff

Amina is a current 4th year student finishing up her last semester in university with a major in childhood and youth studies and a minor in psychology. She is completing her Thesis project and her certificate in mental health and well-being. She is planning to take a year off to get more hands- on experience as well as a couple courses/training to further her knowledge in order to decide if she wants to get into counseling psychology or occupational therapy in fall of 2024.

She has a passion for conducting research specifically on autism and effects of social media/screen time on brain development. She enjoys working with kids and helping them grow and be the best they can be whether that is physically or mentally. She has worked with children throughout a couple years from volunteering at schools, coaching basketball and tutoring.