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Dr Yousef

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Dr. Yousef Sadat-Nejad

The Fun Stuff

Favourite sport:  Soccer 

Special skills: I am a lifelong learner of acadamic and ‘human’ life skills

Favourite pastime: Staying healthy through working out

The Serious Stuff

 As a Naturopathic Doctor I particularly enjoy helping to fill the gaps in conventional medical care by incorporating traditional medicine with the best available evidence to deliver a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient. I have a special place in my heart and practice for lifestyle medicine and prevention, and I primarily hope to use what I learned to work with children and their families because I believe optimizing health early in life set a strong foundation for health during adolescence. I dedicate time to understanding the patient as a whole, combined with advanced diagnostic testing to get the most in-depth information about your health and to help you regain balance in your life.  I have a particular interest in Digestion, developmental issues, and prevention of common diseases in children such as eczema, asthma, food allergy and etc by incorporating different modalities such as lifestyle, nutrition/supplements, physical activity and botanicals. 

Outside the office, you are likely to find me working out at a gym, listening to a podcast, devouring books on health/self-development, and spending time with people I love. I get involved in coaching/playing soccer in my free time especially during summertime when there are more soccer camps available for kids. I have a very caring nature and light-hearted side which I hope to use to inspire patients toward their health and wellness goals.