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Sarah Issa 

Lead Patient Experience Coordinator  
The Fun Stuff

Favourite Sport: Sarah always wanted to try some sort of kickboxing/martial art classes growing up. She tried a Jiu Jitsu class and fell in love. She is doing this more consistently now.

Favourite Food: Sarah is not picky when it comes to food. Coming from an Italian/Lebanese culture, Sarah likes to try all different types of food and flavors – sweets are a bonus. 

Favorite pastimes: You can catch Sarah reading a book outdoors. She enjoys swimming, hiking and spending time with her many nieces and nephews.

The Serious Stuff

Sarah graduated from the Developmental Services Program at Algonquin College and worked as an Educational Assistant for a private school for 3 years. Sarah enjoys being around children and making them laugh.

Sarah’s experience working at a physiotherapy clinic helped her gain the knowledge and experience she currently possesses. She will make you feel welcomed with her big smile and positive energy.