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Spring Class Schedule

We offer a variety of different classes - Moms & Babes workouts, Move Baby Move, Strength & conditioning & more. Click on the registration Link to Sign up today.

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Sensory Circle Time

This class is taught by our Pediatric Recreation Therapist and will teach parents how to stimulate their children's sensory systems. Ideal for kids under 6 - with or without diagnoses.

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Me & My New Baby

This class is for parents and their toddlers to attend (with or before new sibling arrives) to help empower their transition to being an 'older sibling'.

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Spring Handwriting Club

Does your child struggle with handwriting? Do you want to help them make their writing easier, better spaced and neater? Our Handwriting club is a small group program led by our Occupational Therapists that uses multi-sensory approach to help!

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Core Strength For Kids

Are you a frustrated parent? Do you want your kid to sit still? Focus better? Stop constipation? Be less clumsy? This mini course has been designed to empower parents to help their children achieve success.

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Soccer Athlete Wellness 101

For female soccer athletes aged 12-16. Learn about injury prevention and performance optimization. Learn tips and tricks that will help you to stay in sport.

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Constipation Crusher

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