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Maria Alvarez

Occupational Therapy Assistant & Physiotherapy Assistant
The Fun Stuff


Favorite sport: Maria likes swimming and hiking.   


Favorite pastimes: Spending time with family and friends, paint, puzzles and watch movies. 


Fun fact: Maria’s favourite animals are dolphins and butterflies.  

The Serious Stuff

Maria obtained her Licenses and Bachelor of Physical and Occupational Therapy with Honors at the University of El Salvador, Central America. She has a Diploma in Neuropsychology of Learning. And she has completed different courses of Neurological Rehabilitation through Bobath Concept. 
She has also been trained in sensory integration, autism, vestibular system, balance and coordination, visual-motor and perceptual, core, orthopedic rehabilitation, postural control, cerebral palsy treatment, gross motor and fine
motor problems, baby stimulation, upper and lower limbs prostheses, aquatic therapy, etc.

She has experience working with children in different areas of treatment: 
neurological, orthopedic, sensory processing, autism, etc.
Maria loves working with children, and she thinks that limits are only in our minds, not in a diagnosis.
She speaks English, French and Spanish.